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July 30, 2014 by canyoufeelitburning

Oftentimes in advocacy for prison reform we plead for mercy for the innocent. But what about those who are admittedly guilty? What about those that have committed heinous crimes? Do they deserve better conditions? Do they deserve a chance for rehabilitation? This poem is from the perspective of a convicted murderer. Does he/she deserve another chance? I would argue yes. It’s not an easy argument to make, but deep down inside we are all the same. We are all human. We can learn. We can change.

I’m not a psychopath
I know how to feel
I know how to hurt

The guilt weighs me down
A burden just for me
A cross I bear alone

There’s no taking it back
Once you take a life

When you take a life
You lose yours
You lose the ability to live
Death constantly hangs in the air

A sorry won’t change it
A 100 year sentence won’t change it
Forgiveness, won’t change it

You made a mistake
You can’t take it back
You can’t go back

Learning how to live
To the extent that you can
Despite the guilt and shame
Is the only thing to do

Learning how to live again
Learning how to be you


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