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July 23, 2014 by sarahbousquet1


In prison,

You are naked

Nothing to hide behind

Nothing to shield you

You are alone


There is no relief

From the mocking

From the staring

From the bare pain

Of your naked heart

You are alone


In prison

Being naked

Is a weakness

To be used against you,

In your darkest hours


In prison

Being naked

Is a strength

For when you start

With nothing

But yourself


What is there for you to lose?



This poem is a reflection on how in prison, you have nothing to call your own, and you are completely exposed from the start.  When you go to prison, you lose so much, from your former identity to your belongings to your sense of self. The openness and nakedness of being in prison is intimidating, but when you start with nothing you are also given the opportunity to build up from that and try to become a better version of yourself.



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